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Compensation for a global accident

Dear subscribers, unfortunately we had a global accident last week, during our elimination of its consequences, our employees performed repair work, which led to periodic network failures. According to the contract-offer of the item:

11.4. Planned preventive and extraordinary emergency breaks up to 24 hours a month are included in the Services of the Provider and do not lead to a reduction of the subscription fee.

Since the service was provided on separate parts of the network with a periodic absence, it was decided to calculate the compensation to all subscribers in calculating the number of hours for which the entire service was not available.

The recount of funds our subscribers will be able to see in their personal account in the section "Transactions", it will be charged during the day 20.06.19

If during the period of restoration there was a coincidence with another local accident, the compensation will be considered on an individual basis, at the request of subscribers to the Subscriber Division (044) 590-08-09.

We apologize once again for the inconvenience and make sure that we do our best to prevent such failures.